Jacopo Quaranta


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Left Overs

The 15th October 2011 was the day of a global protest against the political and financial system in many cities around the world.
The only protest that turned out violent was the one held in Rome, with clashes between the police and some protesters.

Several Italian TV stations told that the 3000 people dressed in black, who destroyed Rome, were part of the Black Bloc.
Some Italian press said that they were part of left wing community centers coming from other Italian cities, and part of the non stop protest in northern Italy of the NO-TAV movement.
It is told that many of them have been previouosly trained in Greece and in Val di Susa by the NO-TAV movement. They have declared that their Phylosophy is “destroy everything” through urban guerrilla.

Although, after the clashes some old ladies told me that they saw a few policemen changing their uniforms in black clothes and viceversa.
A lot of pacific protesters have seen those people dressed in black right from the start of the demonstration, where they could had been easily pull in by officers.

The clashes had far more media coverage than the pacific protest. The pacific demonstrators were not able to reach S.Giovanni Square.

At the end of the fights, I came back in San Giovanni; what I have found was a square full of left overs of the clashes beside the ancient Roman walls, which have already witnessed many fights during its existence.
Tear gas, vegetables, iron bars, barricades, stones and crowd control barriers have been used to clash with police.

The police was unable to prevent and stop the pillaging of Rome.
They declared that rioters were using pacific protesters as shield.

Finally, as always happens in Italy, we will never know exactly who are those people and why they made such destruction. The real fact is that the protest didn’t have any impact on the Italian government and the general feeling is delusion and anger.

The worst is that the estimated damage amounted to one million euros and all citizens will have to pay for that. Consequences are the opposite of the reasons why the protest march was organized, because people are sick of paying for others mistakes.